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Patient walking on treadmillFootMaxx Custom Orthotics in Gregory

The FootMaxx diagnostic system is a innovative, high tech, user-friendly diagnostic tool grounded in well-researched principles offered at Fogel Chiropractic. It provides an efficient, highly accurate and scientific means of patient assessment.

Our FootMaxx dynamic software scans the foot 60 times per second tracking 8 key points along the bottom surface of the foot. Our dynamic display captures the pressure of both feet while walking. It allows us to see what we can’t see with x-rays or through visual observation. The pressure that your foot exerts on the pad is measured by the computer and turned into a picture of the foot. Only this is not one picture but 60 that we can play like a movie, following key markers that tell us what your foot is truly doing.

Footmaxx, custom foot orthotics can be made from the digitized data translated through the Metascan system. The custom labs manufacture orthotics from the actual digital scan of your feet that were made from your walking scan.

Designed Just for You

The FootMaxx dynamic software.The FootMaxx software analyzes the frame-by-frame distribution of foot pressures throughout each individual foot. Through the use of of the computer scan, we determine the configuration of the orthotic modules. The overall aim of the orthotic therapy is to normalize the biomechanical patterns of the feet. So we make an orthotic for your foot in motion, to control your foot in motion.

FootMax can provide more details or ask Dr. Fogel if FootMaxx would be right for you!


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