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Fogel Chiropractic Reviews

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At Fogel Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Low back pain

“In 1999 I injured by lower back while I was coyote hunting. I threw a coyote into the back of the pickup getting very sharp, severe pain in my lower back with the pain extending down into my right leg. Initially, I was unable to perform any of my normal activities and got very little sleep because the pain was so severe. I came to Fogel Clinic for treatment for disc and sciatic problem in my lower back. The results seemed to take a long time but there was continual improvement overall. As soon as I was able to I started doing exercises that they had given me at Fogel Clinic. We started out with doing them at home and then as I got better I started to do them at Fogel clinic. The combination of chiropractic along with exercise made me a new person. I have been able to do all of my normal farm duties. I am still coyote hunting without any problems. I have gone through several calving seasons now without any reoccurrence of back problems. I would highly recommend the program at Fogel Clinic to whomever has back or neck complaints.”

– AS

Certainly helped me

“After injuring my lower back in a fall of 1999, I was in a great deal of pain and found it difficult to sit, stand or lie down. After nearly a year of extreme discomfort and inability to keep up my household work, I came to Fogel Clinic to see what he thought might help me. I had back surgery in 1971 and that added to my problem with scar tissue and arthritis and lack of activity for approximately year so my back muscles were weakened and I was having difficulty standing up straight. Dr. Fogel suggested treatment using the MEDX machine which would strengthen isolated muscles in my back. I took the course of treatments and also used the exercise equipment available at Fogel Clinic. For the past year, I have continued to use the exercise equipment on a regular basis and have periodic adjustments. I still have some uncomfortable times but this course of action has certainly helped me to do the thinks I want to do. I would highly recommend the use of MEDX and exercise to continue to live an enjoyable life. By the way, I am 79 years old and thanks to the treatments, consider myself quite active. I do my housework, gardening, bowling, and travel some each year.”

– MO

I am now able to do almost anything physical

“In 1998 I injured my lower back lifting. I did physical therapy for approximately one year, which did not seem to improve my condition. Eventually, I started having pain into my leg. I was decided at that time the only choice of treatment was surgery. I was then sent to have the surgery performed. Following the surgery I didn’t have any type of rehabilitation and I wasn’t able to do any type of physical activity. In 2000 I re-injured my lower back and was concerned that I would have to have surgery again. So rather than going through the same route that I had gone through previously, I decided to go to Fogel Clinic and try chiropractic care. An examination was performed and Dr. Fogel felt that chiropractic care could help. We then started treatment at that time. After we did get rid of some of the back pain and leg pain, we then started MEDX rehabilitative care along with chiropractic care. After I finished the treatment and MEDX program I was very excited about the outcome. I am now able to do almost anything physical such as play football with my son. I am even back to riding 4-wheelers with my son and having fun. I recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from back or neck problems. It is safe and has also been very successful for me.”

– LZ

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