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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Jerry Fogel

Dr. Jerry Fogel

Introducing Dr. Jerry Fogel (Gregory, SD)

Dr. J.D. Fogel first became aware of chiropractic in the 1950s when a brother-in-law became a chiropractor and moved back into northern Minnesota. Dr. Fogel frequently visited his brother-in-law’s practice and began to appreciate the value of chiropractic. Upon his high school graduation, Dr. J.D. began schooling for a different field in Minneapolis but a fateful event changed his plans. Dr. Fogel was involved in a serious car accident and suffered a whiplash injury that required chiropractic care. As his brother was finishing chiropractic college, Dr. Fogel decided that this was also the path that he wanted to take and he graduated in 1966. After receiving his degree, he moved to Gregory, South Dakota where he has had an established practice for over 40 years. In the time since his graduation there has been tremendous growth in chiropractic, which is now the largest non-surgical, non-medication form of healthcare. Dr. Fogel has been at the leading edge of bringing diagnostic testing to his clinics such as MRI and CT when they were first available.

His family members include his wife Bette, daughters, Wendy (of Meckling, South Dakota) and Tami (of Dallas, South Dakota) and his son, Dr. David. Dr Fogel enjoys hunting, the outdoors and working on his tree farm and vineyard.

“I encourage people to ask me what chiropractic can do for them. I feel that our ability to communicate is the most important tool in a doctor-patient relationship.”

Dr. David Fogel

Dr. David Fogel

Introducing Dr. David Fogel (Winner, SD)

“I grew up knowing that I would be a chiropractor,” remembers Dr. David Fogel, “but it did get off to a rocky start.” He continues, “I can remember as a young child I would hide all over the house when I knew it was time for my dad to give me an adjustment.”

Dr. David completed his educational at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and, shortly after, he returned to Gregory to practice with his father. “It has been a wonderful experience to have 40 years of practice knowledge and guidance,” states Dr. David.

Dr. David is married to Ann who spent the first years of his practice working with him. They have two children, Addison and Eli and, to quote Dr. David, “I love my children deeply, but I have learned that children raise the parents.” His hobbies include golfing, cycling, running, and guitar playing.

“My goals are to provide quality chiropractic care along with information to help you make the best healthcare decisions. I encourage and enjoy your questions regarding your health concerns.”

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