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What Makes Us Special?

What makes us special and unique from other chiropractic offices? We start with the most basic and vital component the chiropractic care. We meld the technique to the patient; each patient is different and so should be the treatment. Your input is vital to tailor the treatment to you.

We stay ahead of learning curve, reading research and learning about new ways to treat conditions. With our constant learning we investigate new treatment options and determine if they would be beneficial to our patients. We were the first to incorporate rehabilitation in this area. Rehabilitation is now a standard in the treatment of spinal and extremity conditions. We were the first to use MRI scans and CT scans. From ART and Graston soft tissue techniques to axial distraction we find what will help you get better faster and stay better longer. We stay on the leading edge of care options.

We also have courtesy staff privileges at local hospitals which allow us to have the proper and needed diagnostic testing. We also have good communication with local medical providers in the area.

Most importantly, we treat our patients like our family. We want what is best for you regardless if it is care in our office or referral to the proper provider. We also want to educate you so that you can make better and more informed choices on your healthcare.

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